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HOTEL TOKYO PALACE has a roof-top restaurant which overlooks the Jaisalmer monumental castle. [OPEN 7:00~23:00]

These are recommened by our owner Mathar KHAN. Don’t miss them while your stay in HOTEL TOKYO PALACE! *Click a photo for viewing larger.


★BUTTER CHICKEN (Tasteful chicken curry)
★CHILI CHICKEN (Fried vegetables with deep-fried chicken and red pepper)
★KADAI PANIR (Indian cheese dry curry)
★MUTON MASALA (Spicy muton curry. Indian muton is delicious!)★BIRYANI (Indian cooked rice. Choose Vegetables or Chicken)★FRIED VEG. (Fried vegetables)
★FRIED RICE (Indian salty-sweet soy sauce based. Choose vegetables, egg & vegetables or Chicken)★VEG.HAKA NOODLE (Vegetable fried noodles with salt and pepper)★COUMEIN (Indian salty-sweet soy sauce based fried noodle. Choose vegetables, egg & vegetables or Chicken)
★PLAIN NAN (Fresh baked one is very delicious)★GARLIC NAN (It gives you stamina!)★BANANA LASSI (Banana yogurt drink)


*The kitchen is available. Guests can arrange some original foods by his favorite foodstuff from the market and can have a party in our roof-top restaurant.
*We understand that many travelers suffer from sickness due to local water. We take grate pride in stopping this. In case of problem, we have some medicine at the front desk.

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